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Women's Health is an up-to-date review to understand the broad perspectives of applications of OCPs and provide an understanding of the gradual transition of menopause, a critical phase of a woman’s life. The contents of this EKB are relevant to clinicians and researchers pursuing their work on women’s reproductive health and general well-being and will create awareness among healthcare professionals so that they can make evidence-based decisions regarding the use of vaccines in the adult population.

Authors: Dr. Manish Banker, MD, Medical Director, Nova IVF Fertility, Ahmedabad, India Dr. Parul Arora, MD, Associate Gynecologist, Nova IVF Fertility, Ahmedabad, India Dr. Jwal Banker, MS, Fellow, IVI RMA, Madrid, Spain Dr. Sandeep Shah, MD, Senior Consultant, Nova IVF Fertility, Ahmedabad, India